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April 2024 :: As Tesla faces a wave of mass layoffs, Musk is seeking a huge $56 billion bonus. source

April 2024 :: Tesla Staff Didn’t Know They Were Laid Off Until They Tried to Enter the Building. source

April 2024 :: Tesla Settles Suit Accusing Autopilot of Killing Driver Instead of Going to Court. source

March 2024 :: Elon Musk accused Jeff Bezos' ex-wife MacKenzie Scott of destroying Western civilization with her philanthropy. Then she quietly doubled her donations. source

January 2024 :: Elon Musk declares Tesla engineers will sleep on Texas production line. source

January 2024 :: Musk claims without evidence that diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives put airline customers in danger. source

January 2024 :: Twitter Suddenly Suspends Journalists Critical of Elon Musk. source

January 2024 :: SpaceX accused of unlawfully firing staff critical of Elon Musk. source

December 2023 :: Twitter Is Just Running Ads for Stealing Semen Now. source

December 2023 :: California calls it "false advertising," but Tesla claims "free speech". source

December 2023 :: SIXT ditches Tesla cars citing abysmal depreciation and repair costs. source

November 2023 :: Elon Musk dropped from APEC Summit after promoting racist/antisemitic comments on Twitter. source

November 2023 :: A SpaceX worker died and the company kept It a secret. source

November 2023 :: Elon Musk Shadowbans His Critics on Twitter. source

November 2023 :: Tesla will sue you for $50,000 if you try to resell your Cybertruck in the first year. source

September 2023 :: Musk acknowledges he turned off Starlink internet access last year during Ukraine attack on Russia military. source

September 2023 :: Lawsuit accuses Twitter of helping Saudi Arabia pursue online dissidents. source

March 2023 :: Disabled Twitter worker learns he’s fired as Elon Musk mocks him online. source

December 2022 :: Elon Musk’s 2021 $5.7 billion mystery gift went to his own charity. source

December 2022 :: Twitter suspends accounts that tracked Musk’s and 24 other billionaires' private jets, despite Elon's ‘free speech’ pledge. source

December 2022 :: Elon Musk suggests prosecuting Anthony Fauci over Covid lockdowns. source

November 2022 :: Elon Musk amplified conspiracy theories about FTX’s collapse. source

November 2022 :: Free speech defender Elon Musk fires Twitter employee who rebuked him. source

November 2022 :: From one pocket to another: SpaceX purchased a large Twitter advertising campaign for Starlink. source

November 2022 :: Elon Musk blocks top marketer who questioned Twitter’s retreat from content moderation.


November 2022 :: Elon Musk orders twitter staff to work 84-hour weeks as 75% of employees face being fired. source

October 2022 :: China gives Tesla tax break 3 days after Musk twitted that Taiwan should be "absorbed" by China as a "special administrative zone". source

October 2022 :: Elon Musk confirmed that he is shutting off Starlinks in Ukraine out of spite. He was told to “fuck off” after sharing russian propaganda on Twitter. source

October 2022 :: Elon Musk blames ‘neo-Marxists’ for poor relationship with his daughter. source

September 2022 :: Tesla owner says he’s been locked out of his car until he pays $26,000 for a new battery. source

September 2022 :: Tesla hacker calls FSD (Full Self Driving) a blatant cash grab scam, advises people to avoid It. source

July 2022 :: Elon Musk reportedly secretly welcomed twins with his employee just weeks before his Baby with Grimes was born last year. source

July 2022 :: Elon Musk's father, 76, says he's had a second child with his 35-year-old stepdaughter who he's raised since the age of four: Refuses to live with them because 'the kids start to get on my nerves'. source

June 2022 :: Elon Musk’s daughter legally changes name and cuts ties with her father. source

June 2022 :: SpaceX workers signed a letter criticizing Elon Musk. SpaceX fired them within 24 hours. source

June 2022 :: Teslas deactivated the autopilot 1 second before crashes. Elon Musk tweeted that the autopilot was not responsible for the crashes. source

May 2022 :: Elon Musk says Americans 'are trying to avoid going to work at all,' unlike Chinese workers who 'will be burning the 3am oil'. source

April 2022 :: Elon Musk compares Bill Gates to controversial pregnant man emoji in tweet mocking the Microsoft billionaire's belly as a 'b*ner killer'. source

May 2022 :: SpaceX Paid $250,000 to a Flight Attendant Who Accused Elon Musk of Sexual Misconduct: Musk "exposed his genitals" and then "touched her and offered to buy her a horse if she would 'do more'". source

February 2022 :: Elon Musk’s Neuralink allegedly subjected monkeys to ‘extreme suffering’. source

February 2022 :: Elon Musk called GoFundMe ‘professional thieves’ for withholding $10M from anti-vax rally. source

January 2022 :: Some Starlink customers say SpaceX's customer service is 'non-existent' nearly 1 year after paying a $100 deposit and receiving no updates. source

January 2022 :: Tesla reportedly told a law firm to fire an attorney who was involved in the SEC's Elon Musk probe or risk losing the company's business. Law firm refused, and Tesla started acting to replace the firm. source

December 2021 :: Elon Musk Says He Lives in a $50,000 House. He Doesn’t Talk About the Austin Mansion. source

November 2021 :: Elon Musk responds to Bernie Sanders "the extremely wealthy pay their fair share" tweet with "I keep forgetting you’re still alive". source

October 2021 :: Elon Musk wants the Congress to drop the billionaire tax. source

September 2021 :: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott defends anti-abortion law, says Elon Musk likes his policies. source

July 2021 :: At Tesla’s ‘Gigafactory’ site in Germany, Elon Musk comes up against green activism and red tape. source

June 2021 :: Elon Musk, world’s second richest person, paid $0 in federal income tax in 2018, report claims. source

March 2021 :: Musk called one of the experts who aided in the rescue of a youth soccer team from a cave in Thailand a “pedo guy” — “pedo” being short for “pedophile”. source

January 2021 :: Elon Musk praises the ‘freedom convoy’ of truckers protesting Canada’s vaccine mandates. source

December 2020 :: During the pandemic, Elon Musk continually posted false and misleading information about COVID-19, medical treatments and public health measures, as well as fomented animosity against medical professionals and politicians who looked to stem the spread of the coronavirus. source

July 2020 :: After Bolivia, Elon Musk tweets: "We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it". source

March 2020 :: The Bay Area ordered millions to shelter in place. Elon Musk had Tesla employees report to work anyway. source

February 2020 :: Tesla remotely disables driver assist features in Tesla cars if the owner resells the vehicle. source

February 2020 :: Tesla remotely disables paid features in salvaged vehicles. source

December 2019 :: Tesla among five tech giants accused of aiding child labour in Congo. source

September 2019 :: Tesla had illegally fired a worker involved in union organizing. source

September 2019 :: Elon Musk illegally threatened workers with the loss of stock options if they unionized. source

May 2019 :: Tesla Had 3 Times as Many OSHA Violations as the 10 Largest US Plants Combined. source

May 2019 :: Tesla didn’t fix an Autopilot problem for three years, and now another person is dead. source

November 2018 :: Inside Tesla’s factory, a medical clinic designed to ignore injured workers. source

July 2018 :: Elon Musk ordered Tesla engineers to stop doing a critical brake test on Model 3s. source

October 2017 :: Former Tesla factory workers allege racial harassment in new lawsuit. One worker reports being subjected to racial slurs, encountered “racist caricatures, images, and effigies around the factory,” and was told to “go back to Africa.” source

July 2017 :: Tesla fires female engineer who reported constant sexual harassment in the workplace. Other workers reported the company being a "predator zone". source

October 2017 :: Tesla worker was taunted for being gay and threatened with violence. Ultimately, HR told him there was “no place for handicapped people at Tesla” and fired him. source

May 2016 :: Tesla accused of using cheap foreign labor to build its US factories. Workers were reportedly paid as little as $5 an hour. source
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